The initial track list are as follows:

Climax Jump DEN-LINER form
Supernova / TETRA-FANG
The Next Decade / GACKT
Shooting Star / everset
Anything Goes! / Maki Ohguro
HEART∞BREAKER / 大吉 ~DaiKichi~
Destiny’s Play / TETRA-FANG
Reverse/Re:birth / Hiroaki Iwanaga & Asaya Kimijima
Let`s Go RiderKick 2011 / Kamen Rider GIRLS
LoveWars / Queen & Elizabeth
Stay the Ride Alive / GACKT
Switch On! / Anna Tsuchiya
Journey through the Decade / GACKT
W-B-X ~W-Boiled Extreme~ / Aya Kamiki w TAKUYA
Time Judged All / Shu Watanabe & Ryosuke Miura
Te o Tsunagou ~Matsuken × Kamen Rider Samba~
SAMURAI STRONG STYLE / Show Ayanocozey vs. Marty Friedman
W / Mitsuru Matsuoka
Nobody’s Perfect / Koji Kikkawa
Double-Action CLIMAX form
Jounetsu ~We are Brothers~ / Hero Music All Stars
The full collection will have a total of 49 music videos! Three songs are chosen from 99 songs from Heisei Rider series by fans, and their new music videos are created! They are tentatively called Music Video A, B and C.

“Music Video Rider” will be released in both DVD and Blu-Ray, in three different versions. The “Geki” edition includes 24 hard rock music videos plus a new music video A; the “Takumi” edition includes 24 music videos with a theme of “Technique” plus a new music video B; and, the “Kiwami” edition includes other two editions, Takumi and Geki.

“Music Video Rider” will be released on September 26th, for 4980 yen DVD and 5980 Blu-Ray. Pre-order your copies now at CDJapan and get exciting bonuses!

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