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i just find out that there are so many comments in my blog.. just say that all of it are spams..

so to all the spammers.. please, please and please..
get another job.. because you are flooding my blog comments and i can’t see your intentions about it.. and maybe, you are flooding another blogs too..

500++ unapproved comments with unknown languages?
is that kind of virus or what?


sorry for our “Missing in Action”.. it’s because i forgot my password.. hehehehe 😛
baka, isn’t it??

okay.. let’s skip my baka-ness.. i just want to update our last projects.. hurray for all new products in da house!!

:+: Majumoto Mug :+:
price: Rp 25k/pcs

you can put your own design there, or ask us for design that you want. but if you want us to design it, we give you extra charge 😛

price: 35k/pcs
it’s Heart shaped Mug..

:+: Mini Tumbler :+:
price: Rp 35k/pcs

:+: Majumoto T-Shirt :+:
price: Rp 65k/pcs All Size (exclude modifications)

the T-Shirt

the Modifications

PS. all modifications is based on request

:+: phone strap :+:
price: tentative. contact us

ok for today..
feel free to ask if you have questions 😀

PO Part 2, Arashi’s Fanmade Agenda & Calendar 2011

Majumoto Fanshop presents..

Agenda Arashi 2011
info product:
ukuran: 15 x 21 cm
hard cover
material: HVS 80 gr, art paper 260 gr, full color
finishing: metal ring
jumlah kertas: 100-120 lembar

harga: Rp 85.000

Kalender Meja Arashi 2011
info product:
ukuran: 15,5 x 15,5 cm
material: art paper 260 gr, duplex 400 gr, full color
finishing: metal ring
special packaging

harga: Rp 70.000

format pemesanan
no. hp:
jenis pesanan: Paket/Agenda/Kalender (sebut salah satu)
pengiriman: Pos Express/JNE

email ke majumoto.fanshop@inoarashi.com

nama: ecchan
no. hp: 031.91253493
jenis pesanan: Paket
jumlah: 1
pengiriman: Pos Express

contoh pemesanan lebih dari 1 jenis
nama: ecchan
no. hp: 031.91253493
alamat: surabaya
jenis pesanan: Paket
jumlah: 2
jenis pesanan: Kalender
jumlah: 1
pengiriman: Pos Express

039 deadline PreOrder: 05 February 2011
039 deadline pembayaran: 06 February 2011
039 pengerjaan barang: 07 February – 14 February 2011
039 pengiriman: 16 February 2011

039 perlu diperhatikan bahwa barang belum jadi..
039 jika hingga tanggal deadline pembayaran belum membayar, maka secara otomatis tidak akan dibuatkan
039 Kemungkinan untuk dibukanya PO part 3 TIDAK ADA.. jadi jika memang ingin PO, ini adalah kesempatan terakhir.
039 untuk pengirimannya, Majumoto fanshop menggunakan layanan 1 hari sampai dari PT Pos Indonesia atau JNE. kalian tinggal memilih saja mau dikirim via apa.
039 serious buyer, langsung email ke majumoto.fanshop@inoarashi.com
039 kalau ingin bertanya, silahkan layangkan pertanyaannya disini 😀

jadi.. apa lagi yang kalian tunggu?
GRAB IT FAST!! and email your PreOrder at majumoto.fanshop@inoarashi.com

[Fanmade] Agenda & Kalender Arashi 2011

it’s Done!! both Agenda and Calendar has already made.. and here is the preview ^^

Agenda 2011

agenda’s thickness compare with Nokia E63

Calendar 2011

beside that, if you come to Arashi’s Screening at Blitz Megaplex this January 29th, 2011, make sure that you’ll come to Food Louvre and grab these Limited edition Fanmade goodies by Majumoto.. we only make 44 packages only..

-Limited Edition Fanmade Pin-

-Limited Edition Fanmade Pen-

each packages contains of Pin, Pen and one random stuffs. it only Rp 15.000,- only.. leave your comments here or send email to majumoto.fanshop@inoarashi.com if you have any questions. sankyuu!!

Tu2t Widhi

Hello world!

as usual.. this is wordpress 1st post 😛

since i’m too lazy to write something in this first post,  you may check http://ecchan.wordpress.com for lil bit info about me XDDD~

hahahahaha XD yeah i know that i’m lazy.. so what? XD~

sore jya.. yoroshiku!